Christmas Elegy

christ candle

Perhaps it was a silent night–

the cries of the oppressed stifled;

the tears of the rejected hushed.

and perhaps the sky was clear–

no trace

of rain;

no solace of cleansing

or droplet’s refrain.

Perhaps the town lay still as death;

perhaps the shepherds heard the breath

of angels in their misery

all seated on the ground.

Perhaps the Gloria did resound

o’er silent ever-greening trees.

Perhaps He did not shed a tear.

But I believe when Love came near

It was to clamor and dismay–

He heard the stifled cries

of the bereft on Christmas day;

Unspoken prayers of bitter loss

were his first lullabies.

And even if the sky, unwept,

was clear of any cloud–

The first song of the cross

was heard

when Love first cried aloud.



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