Taste and See

Taste and see–
The sweetness of a winter sunrise  over cold wet fog
As the city slowly begins to exist in the early chill.

Taste and see–
Sour cherry popping against egg-rich bread
In a secret conspiracy of friends.

Taste and see–
Foggy breath against cracked glass
In the wordless delight of yeast and fat.

Taste and see–
The salt of tears in the wrack of sobs
For the inescapable joy of homecoming.

Taste and see–
Bitter anger tempered in justice
For the unhomed, unloved, unseen.

Taste and see–
That the Lord is good,
And every aspect of him is good,
The sweetness of beauty,
The acid of longing,
The salt of companionship.
The righteous bitterness
That resolves into freedom.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.