A Sonnet from Despair

Destroy my fear: lay bare and cleanse these veins,
Too long entangled in the shrieking haze
of Terror; soften the frantic refrains
and give me songs to quiet anxious days.

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Little Things

It’s the little things that break your heart–

Apple pie never eaten

in a house with one too many chairs.

A leftover sock in the wash–

never to rejoin its mate.

And perhaps you think it odd

that I stand here weeping

over a hairbrush filled

with fine straight golden strands–

(for my hair is dark

and tight with curls)–

but it only takes a heartbeat

to shatter a world.

I am Not

I am Not your Darling or Honey
Here’s your coffee, sir, now go away
Your attempts at a rogueish seduction
would bring shame to heads that were less grey.

I am Not amused by your laughter
Would you be if the tables were turned?
I am Not your sweet little Girlie;
as I hiss at your back my eyes burn.

I am Fire and Fury and Windsong
I was born of the heart of a star
I am flesh and blood and dragon-strong
and my bones are diamond-hard

I am Not for such as you, sir.
I do not belong to you.